S P E C I A L   A N N O U N C E M E N T

F R O M  T H E  e F I N  T E A M


We are happy to announce that we will be migrating the eFIN blockchain onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the next three months! The eFIN blockchain has not been updated for years, its technology is outdated and its maintenance is very expensive while an upgrade to another blockchain would carry some serious challenges that would make it very costly to implement. Migration to the BSC will allow the team to list on decent exchanges much more quickly and for a lot less money. With the BSC, users will always benefit from ultra-low fees while trading on a vast crypto ecosystem having hundreds of coins to choose from.

Another advantage of this move is that after 3 months it will be possible to know how many eFIN Coins are actually in circulation. It is very likely that a substantial amount of eFIN coin has been lost in time due to several circumstances. This would allow for the true circulating supply of WeFIN Coin to be accurately known. The resulting amount of eFIN Coin that isn’t swapped will be mirrored by the equivalent in WeFIN Coin not being minted.

The eFIN Community will be advised when and why more WeFIN Coin will be minted in the future. This will allow the team to finally acquire a team wallet for exchange listings, promotions, marketing, etc. Regardless of any circumstances, the maximum possible supply of WeFIN Coin will always remain at a total of 11.5B coins.

Currently, besides fixing the last wallet bugs, the "add any ERC20/BEP20 wallet" function and the portfolio display in USD are being developed. Thus, eFIN users will be able to create wallets independently just like it is presently possible in Metamask, and the price of the individual cryptocurrencies held will also be displayed in USD again. Consequently, users are already able to transfer their BEP20 WeFIN to a Ledger or any other BEP20 supported wallet.

Therefore, in order for the eFIN blockchain to switch over to the BSC, every eFIN user must convert their eFIN Coins to WeFIN Coins (BSC) between December 1st, 2021 and March 1st, 2022 : (a 3-month deadline to do so). As of March 1st, 2022, converting from WeFIN Coin to eFIN Coin using the eFIN Bridge will no longer be possible.


  1. What will be the project’s name and the coin’s name? ANSWER: The project will remain eFIN: (DEX, Bridge, eFINSWAP, Mobile Wallet) but the coin’s name will be WeFIN since it will live on the BSC.
  2. What will happen to the eFIN Bridge on March 1st, 2022? ANSWER: The WeFIN to eFIN Bridge function will no longer be operational.
  3. What will happen if you fail to convert your eFIN coins by March 1st, 2022? ANSWER: You will be stuck with dead, useless coins. So, don’t delay to convert your coins during the allotted time. The eFIN team will not be responsible for your failure to do so. Announcements will be going out on all our social media channels advising of the deadline.
  4. Will it be possible to stake WeFIN Coin in the WeFIN Wallet of the DEX just like the eFIN Coin is now? ANSWER: No. It will not be possible. In its place and also to address the liquidity problem for WeFIN in the eFIN DEX and in Pancakeswap, we are working with a partner to create incentives for the community to generate liquidity. More details will be announced in the coming days. Please stay tuned!

Thank you all for your infinite patience, cooperation and understanding as we continue moving forward!!

The eFIN Team


  1. Download the eFIN Dex on a desktop computer or a laptop. The download file can be found on GitHub:
    (A mobile wallet is NOT available.)
  2. If you have eFIN coins on an exchange like Hotbit, send your coins to your eFIN Wallet of the eFIN Dex.
  3. If your coins are already in your eFIN Wallet of the eFIN Dex, you can of course immediately use the eFIN Bridge and you can skip steps 1 and 2.
  4. Use the Bridge function of the eFIN Dex to swap your eFIN coins into WeFIN coins.
    For this transaction, you will need to pay the mandatory eFIN fees (0.01 eFIN). No other fees will be charged.
    You can only convert 2.5 million eFIN coins at a time.
  5. It can take a while before your WeFIN coins will show up in your wallet. So please give it some time. Usually within half an hour your coins should be visible.
  6. You can look up your WeFIN Wallet address on the BSC explorer if you want to check your transaction. 👇 https://bscscan.com/token/0xaE459484c895a335ceC08058290D94551DBf5fbB

eFIN Team Ideology

The eFIN Team’s goal is to merge old world and new world finance together. We are achieving this with our common goal, focus driven, signature network of likeminded partners from both the traditional finance and cryptocurrency digital finance industries, forming an unbreakable partnership destined to rewrite the history of world finance. The vision of using digital currency as a payment form throughout everyday life is closer than ever before thanks to the individual and collective efforts of our dedicated partners. The combination of our highly skilled commercial, business and banking individuals uniting their unsurpassed knowledge and ability to forge necessary changes has created the power to develop world class products and services for the masses.

eFIN Roadmap

Phase 1
eFin Wallet

Launch eFIN Desktop Wallet

• Adding Zilliqa Blockchain
• Windows Download

Q1 2021

This PHASE is complete.
You can download the eFIN DEX here.

Phase 2

New eFIN DEX built on Binance Smart Chain to go live.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain.

• Mac OS Download
• Arbitrations Resolved
• TPAY Removed From eFIN DEX Wallet

Q2 2021

This PHASE is complete.

Phase 3
eFin Bridge

eFIN Bridge

eFIN Bridge converts eFIN to WeFIN making trading possible on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Q3 2021

This PHASE is complete.

Phase 4

Decentralized Swap Aggregator

• Buy crypto with credit card and smartphone wallet connection.

Q4 2021

Phase 5
eFin Wallet

eFIN Mobile Wallet

Decentralized Smartphone Wallet For: BTC, eFIN, Nimiq, Zilliqa, ERC20 and Parachain Coins. Connectable to every existing Swap.

Q4 2021

Phase 6

Migration of the eFIN Blockchain onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

March 1, 2022

Phase 7


Details for the DeFINSwap product will be released in due time.


Roadmap items and timing are subject to change.

eFIN Coin

eFIN Coin is a digital cryptocurrency built on a Bitcore codebase, running on its own blockchain. eFIN Coin is designed for fast, secure and low-cost transactions. eFIN Coin will be used within eFINSwap and eFIN Mobile Wallet as a transaction fee payment option and fee reducer. If deemed possible, it will also be used as a dust collector, turning crypto asset dust into eFIN Coins.

Speed, Security and Economy – eFIN Coin!



eFIN Dex is a secure, peer to peer, non-custodial, decentralized exchange that will have access to the Binance Smart Chain, opening up the multi-billion dollar liquidity and DeFi ecosystem. eFIN Dex is the foundation of our decentralized financial services, enabling users to exchange and accrue their cryptocurrency funds in a decentralized environment. eFIN Dex contains secure, peer to peer, non-custodial, decentralized wallets that ensure the user’s digital assets are safe by storing them on-chain. Since user security and privacy are both highly important, the wallets of the eFIN Dex never have access to users’ private key. Only the user has the private key, thus ensuring complete control of his/her funds unlike wallets in centralized exchanges. The eFIN Dex download file will be initially available for Windows OS ; (Mac OS and Linux files will come at later dates). eFIN Dex will easily connect to eFINSwap and the new eFIN Mobile Wallet via QR Code. This allows users to securely store their crypto assets in the eFIN Dex, efficiently swap them in the eFINSwap, and also access them on the go with eFIN Mobile Wallet.

Power, Versatility and Decentralized - eFIN Dex!

eFin Bridge

eFIN Bridge is a custodial multisig solution that holds the native eFIN Coins and issues its BSC equivalent as WeFIN Coins whenever necessary. Use a two-click solution to take your capital from its native chain like eFIN or BITCOIN into a smart contract platform like BSC. From swapping eFIN to WeFIN, to trading WeFIN on the Binance Smart Chain, the possibilities are just beginning.

Rapidity, Performance and Versatility - eFIN Bridge!


The eFINSwap is an online hybrid dex cryptocurrency swap aggregator. The easy to use, simplified functions of eFINSwap does the hard work and finds the current best price from a wide range of world leading exchanges. eFINSwap saves time and money with its efficient ability to search multiple exchanges pinpointing the best price at that time. This means users don’t have to sign in to numerous exchanges and then battle bots to land the trade. eFINSwap utilizes inbuilt algorithms with a predefined list of world class exchanges to allow users nominated digital assets to be exchanged for other digital assets of their choice. eFINSwap will connect to the eFIN Dex and NEW eFIN Mobile Wallet (Smartphone Wallet) via QR Code creating an easy to use, simplified cross platform portal. Buy Crypto section on eFINSwap will allow users to simply purchase cryptocurrencies with their credit card through the payment portal. The speedy and cost effective eFIN Coin will be used as a transaction fee payment option and a fee reducer on eFINSwap saving users money for each transaction they make (likely up to a 50% saving, still to be determined)

Simple, Efficient and Connected – eFINSwap!

eFIN Mobile Wallet

eFIN Mobile Wallet (Smartphone Wallet) will be available on iOS and Android platforms when released. The eFIN Mobile Wallet will allow users to send and receive digital assets straight from their mobile device allowing transactions, payments and trading on the go. Designed to allow the masses to easily jump online and make trades for their selected digital assets. Integration of eFIN Mobile Wallet with eFINSwap and eFIN Dex via QR Code will give users the ability to be connected to linked swap exchanges and decentralized eFIN wallets at any time. This will enable trading when it is convenient to catch those peaks and dips. The speedy and cost effective eFIN Coin will be used as a transaction fee payment option and a fee reducer in the eFIN Mobile Wallet saving users money for each transaction they make (likely up to a 50% saving, still to be determined)

Convenient, Connectable and Portable – eFIN Mobile Wallet!


DeFINSwap details will be released in due time.